Monday, 19 August 2013

Review: Rimmel London 60 seconds nailpolish in 813 Round and round the garden

I bought a new nailpolish and I wanted to show you how it looks. It's the Rimmel 60 seconds nailpolish in 813 round and round the garden, a very pretty minty green. It's not entirely mint green though, it's very different from any other greens I've recently seen in nailpolishes and fashion... It's softer and a bit greyed out I think.


The polish goes on very smooth and although it doesn't dry up in 60 seconds, it only takes about five minutes for it to stop being tacky. My nails looked shiny without using a topcoat.

I picked this nailpolish up from the asos website, but at the moment it's not on there any more. I did find it on the Superdrug website. And it's on sale too!

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