Saturday, 17 August 2013

Review: PIXI Shade quartette in Shades of Nude

I've been waiting to start using this palette for a long time, because I knew I wanted to write a review about the first Pixi product I was going to try out, and I didn't want to mess up the shadows.

I got this palette in Shades of Nude and the colours are beautiful. In the pan, three of the shades look quite dark, but actually there are two light and two darker shades in there.


The packaging feels a bit rubbery, which actually makes it this palette feel very sturdy. The quality of the shadows is pretty good. They blend really nicely and although the lightest shade was a bit powdery when I picked it up with my brush, this wasn't an issue upon application.

artificial lighting

The shade on the far right (in the pictures above) could have been a little more pigmented but the rest of the colours have a nice colour pay-off.

shadows used without primer

You can really achieve a very natural, nude look with this palette. The shadows aren't too shimmery so they can pull of the 'this is the natural shadow I have in my socket line, because I have such big eyes'-look.

Overall, this was a very nice first meeting with Pixi. I will get a lot of use out of this palette, and not just combined together on my lids, but also as a liner, just one colour on top of a cream eyeshadow...

You can pick this palette up online for £16 at the Pixi website, Asos and Lookfantastic.

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