Thursday, 22 August 2013

First use: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil
A very nice package arrived today: my order! I had a little shopping spree on there this weekend, and the thing I was most excited about was this Trilogy Rosehip oil.

The only other oil I have ever tried before on my face is Kiehl's Midnight recovery concentrate. I received a deluxe sample once and I'm still using it. Oils are very economical in use because you only need a few drops to moisturise your whole face. The difference between Kiehl's oil and Trilogy rosehip oil became immediately apparent when I poured some oil on my hand. This may sound crazy, but the Rosehip oil does not feel so oily as the Kiehl's one does... It feels kind of dry and warm for some reason, especially when I applied it to my face. I actually really liked the feel and touch of my face after using this.
I bought this oil mainly because I thought it would maybe help my (recent) acne scars to become less visible. People commented that it really was beneficial for their acne-prone/oily skin, so I thought I would give it a try. I'm hoping that the act of putting oil on my face won't break me out, but I'm thinking it might actually be good to give my skin a little bit of extra effective moisture, instead of depriving it of that. Because drying my skin out is what makes it really annoyed :)

I will post an update on here once I've used and properly tested this oil and hopefully seen some results!


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